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Picking organic coffee in Uganda.

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Last week, environmental leaders from around the world convened in Bonn, Switzerland, for COP23: the United Nations’ annual conference on climate change. But as the world’s highest-ranking diplomats collaborate to address climate change from the top down, we’re investing in rural businesses that are tackling it from the bottom up.

These businesses support farmers who stand on the frontlines of climate change. They train farmers in organic agriculture techniques that don’t pollute air, water, or soil. They encourage farmers to plant their crops within the existing ecosystem, instead of clearing vast swathes of land. And they give farmers the ability to invest in the long-term sustainability of the earth, rather than sacrificing the natural environment for short-term gain.

You can make a difference today. Donations from people like you help us finance organic agriculture and build farmer resilience in some of the planet’s most vulnerable ecosystems.

Help support grassroots leaders who are taking a stand against climate change.

The Root Capital team


What will you plant?

Plant a Seed

Farmers plant seeds all the time. And whether you make a donation or share our mission far and wide, when you support Root Capital you plant a seed of your own. A seed of opportunity. A seed of prosperity. A seed of peace.

It all starts with a single seed. But together, we can plant a forest. Help us spread the word, in just three easy steps:

  1. Print out this image. (or just grab a piece of paper — whatever’s easiest!)
  2. Fill in the blank: “I’m planting _________.” (opportunity, rural prosperity, a healthier planet — tell us what inspires you!)
  3. Post it on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Be sure to tag @RootCapital and use #WhatWillYouPlant.

What will you plant?


This Costa Rican Co-op is Growing a Better Future for Its Farmers, Organically

“Many producers now have hope,” says the co-op’s manager, Walter. “Hope that, through agriculture, they can improve the productivity of their farms, their own health, and the futures of their children.”

COOPEASSA is making agriculture work for both farmers and the planet. Read the full story.


Two beekeepers from COPIASURO, a cooperative in Guatemala. Ⓒ Sean Hawkey

How Rural Businesses Are Facing the Global Bee Crisis Head-on

Around the world, honeybee populations are beginning to dwindle. If this trend continues, it could spell disaster for biodiversity—and for farmers.

Here's how our client businesses in Latin America are addressing this crisis. 


Sustaining the planet on which we all depend.

Sustaining the Planet on Which We All Depend

Smallholder farmers live on the front lines of our changing climate. They depend on increasingly-depleted soil and drying rivers to make a living. Out of desperation, some resort to tactics—like slash-and-burn agriculture—that compound the damage.

But farmers don’t have to be victims or perpetrators of environmental destruction. With support, they can become environmental stewards.

Learn more about how Root Capital works to strengthen businesses that support earth-friendly agriculture.

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