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Social & Environmental Due Diligence: From the Impact Case to the Business Case

Now includes updated 2015 social and environmental scorecards. 

We believe that assessing social and environmental factors is not just a way for mission-driven financial institutions like Root Capital to create impact. In this 16-page Issue Brief, we posit that social and environmental due diligence can also create financial benefits that partially or fully offset the costs involved for lenders and investors.

Read the Issue Brief to discover:

  • The five main ways in which social and environmental due diligence has improved Root Capital’s financial results
  • Examples of alignment between social, environmental and financial interests
  • Ways to integrate social and environmental due diligence into decision-making for impact investors, commercial financial institutions and food companies

In addition to the Issue Brief, we are also sharing:

  • Social and Environmental Due Diligence scorecards used by Root Capital’s loan officers to evaluate clients’ social and environmental practices. Updated 2015 versions
  • A 24-page methodology guide that presents our approach to social and environmental due diligence in greater detail